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Digital Transformation and Process Optimization

Maximizing Plant Oversight & Uptime for a Remote Workforce

December 9, 2020
The current pandemic situation, which is playing havoc on all aspects of life, has allowed for a convergence of technology and functional need.  In Industry, there has never been as great importance on getting real-time, accurate data into the hands of the appropriate decision-maker(s) so that any operational deviation will not impact a company's bottom line.  Modern software and hardware technologies make it economically viable to create a digital ecosystem that shortens the decision-making process, preventing performance deviation and safety issues while maximizing plant efficiency.  Modern Analytic software eliminates the need to gather, analyze, and reason over data and information from control systems, databases, plant applications, and operation procedures.  Modern digital ecosystems also allow for this information to be placed into the hands of the appropriate decision makers, regardless of location.

Scalable, Secure Technologies and Services Put the ROI in IIoT.

Companies are dramatically improving the speed and accuracy of the decision- making and driving action based on having the right information in the right expert's hands at the right time. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is ushering in a digital transformation that enables companies to leverage technology and expertise better than ever before, but only if the right scalable technology strategy matches your business goals. Cornerstone can put you on the right path.  The ultimate goal is to obtain the knowledge necessary to assist in decision-making actions that directly affect the bottom line.

Plantweb: Enabling Digital Transformation Through IIoT-based Solutions
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Plantweb: Enabling Digital Transformation Through IIoT-based Solutions
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Securely Connect Data to Applications and Experts

When it comes to digital transformation, data integration and security are vital. It would help if you could securely export data from existing operational technology (OT) systems while ensuring outbound paths of information do not expose your plant's OT systems to harm. Cornerstone and Emerson's connectivity solutions make this possible, securely transmitting your sensor, video, control systems, MES, historian, or other enterprise data sources to the appropriate applications, services, or mobile users for expert analysis.

Transform plant data into genuinely actionable information

Most plants generate vast amounts of data, but making sense of that data hasn't been easy – until now. Emerson's Plantweb robust portfolio of scalable analytical tools transforms plant data into actionable information. By combining these tools with deep domain and process expertise, these tools generate new operational insights that drive more effective decisions when it comes to specific asset classes or site-wide improvements. These solutions enable mobility, provide role-based alerts, and simplify complex workflows so that the right information gets to the right person at the right time.

A new generation of technology is required to develop knowledge into operational intelligence that can be applied and shared throughout the plant and enterprise environment.  It provides a decision support application for monitoring and managing process operations and supply chain performance.  The intelligent application framework identifies opportunities for profitability enhancement, which includes management of continuous process improvements, adherence to best practices, and recommendations of the best responses for abnormal conditions. PlantWeb Optics Analytics supports and improves effective operations management while transforming data and information management, reporting, and visualization.

Emerson™ and Cisco Wireless Access Point
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Emerson™ and Cisco Wireless Access Point
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Modern Technologies Enabling the Economic Viability of Data Collection and Centralization

Wired and wireless gateways, delivering the right OT data, can be installed with direct connections to software running in the business and operations networks. In some cases, companies integrate their systems through Internet-based cloud computing. The cybersecurity model is simplified here because of the threat reduction to control and safety systems, given that there is no direct connection to the control and safety networks.

New IIoT gateways include more efficient processors, small-footprint software, and new message queuing protocols that can tolerate limited network bandwidth.  This new smart connected ecosystem focuses on delivering actionable information to engineers and managers when and where they need it.

The Importance of Capturing and Sharing Operational Knowledge

With analytical tools and domain expertise, the smart connected device ecosystem is making it possible to address energy, reliability, personnel safety, and environmental problems that have yet to be solved by traditional approaches.  It is possible to securely get the right information into the hands of expert problem-solvers wherever at their location.

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