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Hydro-Thermal Hydro-Thermal
Direct Steam Injection Heating

Direct Steam Injection Heating

  • Instantaneous +/-1oF Precise Temperature Control
  • Best-in-Class Durability – Designed to last 30+ Years
  • 25%+ Energy Savings vs. Heat Exchangers
  • Self Cleaning – Eliminates fouling, scaling and clogging
  • Able to Handle Abrasive and Corrosive Fluids
Hydroheater for Industrial Applications

Hydroheater for Industrial Applications

  • Internal Modulation – Steam velocity and mixing consistent across operating range
  • Choked Flow – Steam mass flow precisely metered
  • Adjustable Flow Geometry – Provides excellent turn-down ability
  • Self Cleaning – eliminates fouling, scaling and clogging
  • Adaptable for Abrasive and Corrosive Fluids
EZ Heater

EZ Heater

Instant Hot Water Whenever and Wherever You Need It

  • On-demand hot water at precise temperature - accurately meet set-point temperatures at variable flow rates
  • No energy loss - 100% of the steam's heating energy is absorbed by the water, dramatically reducing energy costs
  • Worry-free operation - avoid unscheduled shutdowns; self-cleaning patented design, no scaling or fouling
  • Small footprint - small, compact design with easy installation
  • Positive return on investment (ROI) - unbeatable energy saving