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Powerful Monitoring Dashboards

Powerful Monitoring Dashboards

  • Normalize your dashboards/reports to five minute readings
  • Create your own customized monitoring displays with a user-friendly interface
  • Empower your team by making every KPI, event or batch summary report readily accessible to all users.
  • Maximize institutional knowledge with a single source of truth and easy ways to use it
  • Quickly add your critical operations data to a Excel spreadsheet

Integrate, Share and Empower

  • Connection between you and your data
    • Proprietary legacy equipment
    • Remote, mobile, and IIoT Devices
    • Industrial assets
  • Flexible and powerful frameworks to add context to data
  • Defined data hierarchies that reflect your operating and reporting environments
  • Intuitive labels and metadata
  • Don't just see the data point, see the big picture
  • Shape, share and federate data
  • Securely collaborate with partners, vendors, and customers on any device
  • Easily create your own custom dashboards and reports
  • Monitor processes and troubleshoot on-the-spot
  • Quickly move from high-level summaries to an individual asset
  • Compare events with batch datasets to identify patterns 
  • Operational agility made easy by delivering trustworthy, analysis-ready operations data to analytics tools
  • Drive operational intelligence by integrating data with enterprise applications, intermediary decision-support platforms, and advanced analytics
  • Integrate, share and empower by easily sending data to the cloud
  • Timely responses to technical questions
  • Server/Platform maintenance
  • Software upgrades & patches
  • Staff augmentation