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DeltaV Version 14
DeltaV Live

DeltaV Live

  • Modern built-for-purpose operations experience – Native HTML5
  • Easily create intuitive displays, with minimal to no scripting
  • Robust, secure, and intuitive user experience
  • Integrated historical trending, constant visibility and access to critical alarms
DeltaV Mobile

DeltaV Mobile

  • One platform providing intuitive mobile and desktop user experiences
  • Secure, read-only access
  • No configuration required
  • Connect from anywhere
  • Receive intuitive notifications
  • View Alarms
  • View real-time process and trends
DeltaV PK Controller

DeltaV PK Controller

  • Powerful standalone or easily integrated
  • Fast module execution
  • Easy redundancy
  • Flexibility in I/O and HMI’s
  • Secure
  • Embedded advanced control technology
DeltaV Simulate – Digital Twin

DeltaV Simulate – Digital Twin

  • Optimize production, Upskill Personnel, and Predict the future
  • Provides integrated simulation of control system and safety system
  • Provides ideal environment for operator training and process simulation
  • Enhances training with simulation playback
  • Supports rigorous testing of control configurations and graphics
  • Supports virtualization of workstations and control hardware
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