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IRISS Engineered Reliability IRISS Engineered Reliability

Benefits of CAST Programs Incorporating EMSD’s

Elimination of high risk behaviors associated with open, energized electrical panels
Safely conduct fully loaded inspection
Access inaccessible equipment
Faster Inspection
Less manpower required with lower PPE requirements
Increased inspection frequency


Patented Thermochromic technology providing a permanent record of overtemperature events

Simple Application
Easy and quick push-on installation meaning no de-energizing or disconnecting required

Easy to Read
The thermochronic material provides a highly visible predictive warning when viewing through inspection windows

Broad Coverage
Suitable for circuits rated 36kVAC/600VDC, 17AWG to 750MCM wires

Permanent Memory Effect
Lets inspectors see a permanent visual record prior to, and in between infrared and ultrasound inspection

IR Inspection Windows

Infrared Inspection Windows that allow ALL inspections and ALL inspection technologies to be used

  • Enables the development of safer and efficient protocols of electrical asset inspections
  • Look and Listen Simultaneously
    • Midwave and Longwave IR, Ultraviolet and Ultrasound
  • UL Listed and Arc Containment Tested (IEC 62271-200)
  • Exclusive pharmaceutical-grade reinforced polymer panel system