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Drive Into the Data

Drive Into the Data

Quickly Transform Critical Data into Useful Information for Timely Decision-making and Root-cause Analysis

Develop Data-Driven Solutions to Your Most Challenging Process Issues

  • Investigate process issues with real-time trending tools
  • Visualize historical data using X-Y charts, histograms, & more
  • Combine disparate data into a single trend, dashboard, or report
  • Diagnose equipment issues to improve OEE
  • Predict upcoming process issues & take action before they occur

Easily Available Data

Improve Your Company's Decision-making and Troubleshooting Capabilities with dataPARC's Real-time Manufacturing Analytics Software
  • Connect & Integrate data from across the plant
  • Identify the root cause of downtime events or quality issues
  • Investigate process issues with real-time trending tools
  • Visualize historical data using scatter plots, histograms, & more
  • Uncover data points to be modeled or calculated
  • Manipulate large data sets and quickly analyze long-term production data
  • Configure custom displays that represent your process
  • Display data from any source in one view
  • Access dashboards remotely, from any mobile device
  • Design displays using 5000+ pre-built graphic objects
  • Import existing graphics
  • Report custom quality KPI's
  • Monitor Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) & First Pass Quality (FPQ)
  • Highlight unplanned maintenance & downtime
  • Trigger reports to run when operating conditions change
  • Schedule reports to be delivered via email
  • Integrate data from any source
  • Aggregate data from facilities across the globe
  • Combine via XML,SQL, & more
  • Leverage existing Historians
  • Organize tags by asset
  • Compare like assets to identify underperforming  resources
  • Create reusable templates for common assets
  • Leverage existing AF structures
  • Configure smart alarms that monitor processes in real-time
  • Alert automatically, personnel of changes in operating conditions
  • Send notifications instantly via email, or SMS text
  • Record & Forward event details in logbook databases
  • Escalate notifications to senior staff automatically
  • Detect compliance events
Total System Integration

Total System Integration

  • Easy Data Acquisition & Integration
  • Add Context to Raw Data
  • Make Data-Driven Proactive Decisions
  • Monitor KPI’s in Real-Time
  • Aggregate Disparate Data