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Pressure Relief Valves Pressure Relief Valves

National Board Certifications

Cornerstone understands that complete reliability of all Pressure Relief Devices is essential to protect, not only a plant’s assets, but most importantly all personnel and the environment. Cornerstone offers both field and in-shop repair services, and is proud to be one of the nation’s leading National Board certified VR & TO Repair Facilities. With certifications on air/gas/liquid and steam service (Section I & VIII), Cornerstone provides setting, repair and testing services on all manufacturers valves.
Cornerstone's Mobile Fleet Capabilities

Cornerstone's Mobile Fleet Capabilities

  • Two identical 53-foot Field Service Units
  • One 24-foot Field Service Unit
  • All self-contained power with generators
  • Dual air/liquid test stand (10” capacity)
  • 14” lathe
  • In-line PSV testing
  • One Ton crane capacity
  • In-line valve repair
  • In-line machining
Cornerstone's In-Shop Capabilities

Cornerstone's In-Shop Capabilities

  • VR Certification
  • Three assemble/testing/repair stands
    • air
    • liquid
    • steam
  • One each: vent valve/pilot valve/full-flo test stands
  • ASME “UV” and ASME “V” certified for Anderson Greenwood/Crosby Relief Valves
  • Varec and Enardo
  • Fully integrated machine shop capabilities

Access to relief valve asset data is integral to an operating facility

The National Board requires that the owner of a facility has access to repair and recertification documents for pressure management equipment. Our pressure management experts provide relief valve asset audits to generate, maintain, and utilize applicable data for use in your facility’s maintenance planning activities and recertification for all your PRV’s.  Customers have real-time access to all documentation through a secure portal.

On-Line Valve Testing

We understand that plant availability and run time is critical to successful operations.  Without sacrificing safety or putting the environment at risk, our ability to offer On-Line Valve Testing using a Lift Assist Device (LAD) allows us to certify your valves without taking your plant off-line.  Our On-Line testing is performed under our National Board Certified VR & TO program, meets all regulatory requirements, and provides you with robust documentation, ensuring you have a full understanding of the condition of your valve.
Reduce the Impact of Unplanned PRV Releases

Reduce the Impact of Unplanned PRV Releases

Using Emerson’s Rosemount 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter, you can constantly monitor your critical PRV’s throughout all areas of your plant to address releases as they happen and minimize fines and environmental concerns.  Real-time alerts tell you immediately when a valve has opened, and each alert is time stamped, which can help you identify the root cause of a release before it leads to a more dangerous situation.
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Plantweb Insight - Pressure Relief Valve Application
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Plantweb Insight - Pressure Relief Valve Application

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