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Vanessa Triple Offset Valves Vanessa Triple Offset Valves
Lower CAPEX and Lifecycle Costs

Lower CAPEX and Lifecycle Costs

  • When your objective is to lower costs, while at the same time improving production, finding better performing products and components is a key priority.
  • Increase the safety levels of your facility while lowering the overall cost of ownership.
  • Reduce the time for unscheduled maintenance, making a significant impact to overall plant productivity.
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Vanessa Triple Offset Design

Vanessa Triple Offset Design

  • The purpose of the first offset is to have a continuous path
  • The second offset allows the displacement of the seal from the seat during the 90o opening
  • The third offset completely eliminates rubbing - the key contributor to the zero leakage performance of the valve
Reliable and Robust Zero Leakage Seating

Reliable and Robust Zero Leakage Seating

  • Vanessa disc is not the sealing element, only the carrier of the sealing ring
  • Metal-to-metal, torqued seating
  • Vanessa exclusively uses Stellite grade 21 on seats to achieve higher resistance to galling, abrasion, erosion, and corrosion
  • All metal construction makes Vanessa inherently fire-resistant
  • Non-rubbing 90o rotation means lower and consistent running torque