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Varec Series 5400A Flame Arrester
Series 5400A Flame Arrester
A Group ‘D’, end-of-line flame arrester designed to prevent the propagation of flames into a storage vessel


  • Net free area through the bank is three to four times the unit pipe size, reducing surface friction, optimizing flow capacity and minimizing pressure drop.
  • Large surface area of the bank improves heat dissipation.
  • Spiral wound and crimped bank element.
  • Rugged construction for extended life.
  • Unitized design with jackscrews for easy inspection and maintenance.
  • Bank element can be inspected or cleaned quickly and replaced between the end housings.
  • Handle provided for easy handling.
  • Broad range of materials available.
  • UL and FM approved
  • See page 2 for approvals
  • See page 2 for approvals