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Daniel Flow Nozzles
Daniel™ Flow Nozzles are differential pressure flow meters that cause a pressure drop by creating a restriction in the fluid.
Ideal for applications with high velocity, non-viscous, erosive flow, the long-radius flow nozzles provide consistently accurate, corrosion-resistant and virtually maintenance-free measurement. The flow nozzle offers a smooth inlet that produces a higher coefficient of discharge than most other differential pressure meters, resulting in higher efficiency and greater flow capacity in comparison to similar technologies. In addition, there are no moving parts and the rounded inlet effectively sweeps through particles in the flow stream to minimize wear and extend product life.
Daniel Flow Nozzles


Measurement Type
Differential pressure
Fluid Type
Gas, liquid hydrocarbons, air, water, vapor, steam
Discharge Coefficient Uncertainty
Uncertainty ±0.25-0.50%
Line Size
2-in to 36-in (50-mm to 915-mm)
Max. Operating Pressure
ANSI 2500
Permanent Pressure Loss
25% to 40% of DP signal created
Process Temperature Range
-260°F to +1000°F (-162°C to +538°C )
Flange Type
Flanged RTJ, Raised Face, Beveled End up to ANSI 2501
Process Wetted Material
Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel


  • Our technicians are available 24 hours a day to quickly answer your questions and ensures that your operations run smoothly with reduced maintenance time and costs. Customers can receive technical support by phone, email, chat or remote connection.
  • Realize superior performance in highly corrosive environments with low susceptibility to erosion
  • Implement for reliable performance in high-temperature applications
  • Achieve increased flow capacity and decrease of debris and damming effects with smooth, rounded inlet
  • Eliminate the potential for leaking gaskets with direct welding of the nozzle into the pipeline
  • Ensure reliable, sustained performance by selecting from a wide variety of materials and coatings
  • Virtually eliminate maintenance time and costs with no moving parts and simple configuration
  • Rely on manufacturing in strict accordance with ASME MFC-3M and ISO 5167 specifications