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Yarway Series 3000 Electronic Level Indication
Series 3000 Electronic Level Indication
An advanced, multi-featured five probe and above electronic alarm system for sensing water level in a variety of high or low pressure applications


  • Upgraded internal diagnostics for monitor clock, power supply and level faults.
  • Based on widely accepted conductivity probe technology.
  • Reliable and cost-effective.
  • Probes can be mounted directly to the pressure vessel or column.
  • Independent detection circuit for each probe allows relay output selection for alarms or trips.
  • HP probes feature brazed welded stainless steel electrode with zirconia insulator for high pressure, high temperature applications.
  • LP probes feature threaded stainless steel electrode with PTFE insulator for lower pressure and temperature applications.
  • Probes can be selected and spaced to indicate liquid level through a desired range.
  • Custom manufactured column provides accurate indication.
  • Local LED indication of water level in a Type 4X/IP66 D&V enclosure provides primary visual verification.