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EIM G-Series Pneumatic Direct Gas Gear Motor
The EIM G-Gas actuator is a high pressure direct gas driven pneumatic actuator.
It is designed to provide fast stroking speeds for large quarter turn and linear gate valves on gas pipelines. Ideal for applications where there is no electricity and high pressure is readily available.
EIM G-Series Pneumatic Direct Gas Gear Motor


Power Source
Product Type
Pneumatic Actuator
Control Type
Valve Type
Quarter turn valves and gate valves
184,000 ft-lbs/89,900 lbs(consult factory for higher torques or thrust solutions)
Operating Pressure
400 to 1000 psi


  • Utilize direct natural gas pressure to actuate a pipeline valve where reliable electricity is not available
  • Replaces a gearbox handwheel with a gas-driven actuator
  • Widely used throughout the pipeline industries since 1949.
  • Rugged durability, low maintenance, and low cost of ownership.
  • Its compact, lightweight design ensures easy installation, versatility and simple maintenance.
  • Direct-power gas driven gear motor with single housing size with optional gear ratios for torque and speed changes
  • Gear assisted handwheel drive for easy manual operation, easily adjusted, gear driven limit valves for reliable shutoff and interchangeable limit cam gearing to match any valve stroke time