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Fisher™ 655 and 655R Diaphragm Actuators
Fisher 655 and 655R Actuator
Fisher 655 and 655R actuators provide control for a wide variety of pressure regulation applications.
The 655 actuator is used for pressure reduction service on push-down-to-close valves, and the 655R actuator is primarily for pressure relief use on push-down-to-open valves. These actuators may be either self-operated or remote-loaded.
Fisher™ 655 and 655R Diaphragm Actuators


Control Type
Operating Temperature
Standard Temperature
Power Source
Valve Type
Globe Valve
Other Configurations
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  • Typical industrial service includes pressure control of water, steam, oil, gas, and other fluids. Actuators can be operated by pneumatic switches, solenoid valves, pilot valves, or remote panel loaders for shutoff service.
  • Large valve body selection with wide choice of end connections, flow directions, flow characteristics, valve plug designs, and seating constructions can be specified.
  • Spring of the proper rate is available for nearly any control valve application. Spring selection procedure is quick and accurate.
  • Rugged yoke and casings help provide stability and corrosion protection.
  • Direct-operated configuration provides faster speed of response.