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TESCOM™ Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation Model P63 Primary Isolation
Model P63 Primary Isolation
An integral one-piece double block and bleed root valve assembly for primary isolation of pressure take-offs, with screwed or welded connections


  • One-piece forged body combines a compact design with strength and reduced potential leak paths compared to conventional designs.
  • Threaded or welded inlet connection allows direct connection to a pressure vessel without the need for a flanged connection.
  • Camlock safety feature on threaded outlet connections prevents accidental loosening in service.
  • Primary isolation ball valves are precision machined and super finished for high performance pressure and temperature ratings. Designed to be fire safe and anti-static.
  • Heavy duty needle type globe valve, graphite packed as standard, ensuring bubble-tight shut-off on venting port.
  • Bolt-on outlet option allows choice of connections for dual instrument mounting.
  • Firesafe design to meet API 607, BS6755 Part 2 (optional).