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ASCO™ Series X290 Pressure Operated Piston Valve
The ASCO Series X290 is a pneumatically operated valve comprised of two 290 series operators on a unique single body with six ports to allow both the feed and return of media making it ideal for temperature control applications such as fermentation.
Additionally, the direct acting valve allows tight shutoff in both directions, eliminating potential media clogging issues.
ASCO™ Series X290 Pressure Operated Piston Valve


Valve Actuation
Pneumatic - Air Pilot
Body Material
Brass nickel-plated
Aggressive Liquids/Gases, Air, Inert Gas, Fuel Oil, Hot Water, Light Oil, Oxygen, Steam, Water
Pipe / Port Size
3/4 "
Port Type
G (ISO 6708)
NC - Normally closed, fluid entry under the disc
From 5.6 Cv, 4.8 Kv (Kv = m3/hr)
Operating Environment
Indoor, Outdoor


  • A single unit consisting of two air operated valves for the temperature control of jacketed tanks/vessels designed as a feed or return flow module
  • 6 port valve body design is capable in handling both hot and cold media flows
  • Pneumatic connection with incorporated 4 x 6 mm instant fitting
  • The two-valve module can be mounted in any position without affecting operation
  • Optical position indicator on valve operator
  • Can be integrated with a pneumatic valve manifold with fieldbus electronics for greater levels of control and automation in temperature control