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Numatics™ Series PG Grippers
ASCO Numatics Series PG Grippers
The Numatics Series PG is a line of low-profile grippers with true parallel motion generated by a pinion mechanism powered by a double-acting piston.
Aluminum bronze alloy jaws and T-slot style design prevent breakage and offer superior load-bearing capabilities. The grippers are suitable for analytical and diagnostic equipment, biofuels, bottling, and commercial kitchen and laundry equipment applications.
Numatics™ Series PG Grippers


Operating Environment
Corrosive, Hazardous, Indoor, Outdoor, Washdown
1/2" Max


  • Gripper body is hardcoat-anodized and PTFE-impregnated inside and out for durability in harsh environments
  • Two different strokes are available in same size, low-profile body
  • Hall Effect sensing is available to detect open and closed positions