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EasyHeat™ Snow Melting Accessories
EasyHeat™ snow melting accessories are are available.
Choose the right hardware to make installing your EasyHeat™ snow melting systems easy. They include cold lead extension cables, the SKDG splice kit, NMPLT snow melting nameplate and the Detecto DT1 heating cable and mat fault indicator.
EasyHeat™ Snow Melting Accessories


Cold lead extension cables are UL Listed and CSA Certified. DT1 conforms to European Directives


  • For Commercial and Residential Applications
  • Cold lead extension cables 14CL (#14 AWG to 14 Amps) and 10CL (#10 AWG to 30 Amps) are suitable only for extending single cold leads on EasyHeat™ snow melting cables. Cold leads longer than standard lengths are sold either factory spliced onto mats or cut-to-order on separate reels. Factory spliced leads are available in 1 ft (0.03 m) increments. Cut-to-order leads are sold by the foot
  • The SKDG splice kit is intended to be used to repair dual and single conductor construction EasyHeat™ snow melting mats and cable kits, damaged either during installation or operation
  • The NMPLT nameplate is a NEC requirement for all snow melting installations
  • The Detecto DT1 heating cable and mat fault indicator (battery operated) is designed to monitor EasyHeat™ cable or mat systems at every step during installation. It sounds an alarm immediately in the event of an open or shorted connection in the cable