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Varec Series 3500B/3600B/3650B Vacuum or Pressure Relief Valves
Weight loaded vacuum breakers designed to provide superior seat tightness


  • Designed to offer flexibility of installation
  • 3500B valves for tank top mounting
  • 3600B valves are side mounted
  • 3650B valves with flanged intake and discharge connections for ‘in-line’ applications
  • 3660B valves for either pressure (top mounted) or vacuum (side mounted) relief applications
  • Oversized port for maximum flow
  • Replaceable ‘air cushion’ PTFE seating for lowest available leakage for weight-loaded valves (1 SCFH [0.03 Nm3/hr] or less at 90% of setpoint)
  • Pallet drip ring and self-draining housing protect the seating surface from condensate and freezing
  • Side-and-center guided pallet
  • Wide range of materials for service in most applications
  • ‘All-weather’ non-frosting and ice-resistant coating option available for valve seats and guides
  • Extended service options available for high temperature and chemical applications