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Enardo™ Series 550 Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve
Enardo Series 550 Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves are ideal for routine service for vent-to-atmosphere applications.
The Series 550 provides protection against positive or vacuum overpressure, and prevents air intake and evaporative losses of product while helping to contain odorous and potentially explosive vapors. For high-performance applications and severe service, see the?Enardo Series 950 Vent-to-Atmosphere Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve.
Enardo™ Series 550 Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve


2 through 12
Housing Materials
Weight Materials
Carbon Steel
Seat and Pallet Materials
Aluminum, 316 SS
Seal and Gasket Materials
FEP Teflon, Compressed Fiber
Special Coating, SS Weights, Gasket Material, Steam Jacket or Trace, Seat Material


  • Coated with Ameron Amershield Aliphatic Polyurethane
  • Standard 316 SS pallet
  • FEP Teflon Pallet Seals
  • High Flow Capacity
  • Fully Replaceable Pallet and Seat Assemblies
  • EN 13463-1, EN 13463-5 Certified