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Yarway Series 900 Wye Type Strainer
Series 900 Wye Type Strainer
Yarway 900 Series wye-type strainers are suitable for use in a variety of fluid systems such as air, chemical, condensate, gas, oil, petroleum, or water lines, for the protection of valves, pumps, compressors, condensers, flow meters, nozzles, steam traps, and other vulnerable equipment.


  • Body material – ASTM and/or ASME as permitted under boiler code and power piping code. Provides assurance of quality and suitability for pressure/temperature adjustment in non-shock service.
  • Straight threads on cap – for easy removal when screen replacement is necessary.
  • Clad, non asbestos, spark-plug-type gasket provides reliable seal on machined body and cap.
  • Guided screen – screens fit into controlled machined bores in body and cap, and are not crushed. This fit provides good screen alignment and reliable capture of particles.
  • Installation – can be installed in vertical and horizontal piping with the blowdown connection oriented in any preferred direction.
  • Design – meets ASME B31.1. Conforms to recognized codes and standards for assurance of quality.