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RMS Uncertainty Management
PROD_ROX_PDP_RMS Uncertainty Management
Best-case fault and horizon estimates in the reservoir-modeling process neglect the inherent inaccuracies in these interpretations, introducing the risk of severely underestimating the uncertainty in reservoir volumes.
RMSTM Uncertainty Management enables users to assess risks and make decisions using realistic 3D static and dynamic reservoir models. Now you can quickly and easily build several geological scenarios to investigate the resulting effects on structural uncertainty.
RMS Uncertainty Management


Operating System
Supports Windows and Linux – contact us for specific information


  • Rapidly investigate subsurface uncertainties across the modeling workflow to identify and quantify the most significant
  • Use quantified uncertainties to manage project risk and follow the optimal development or reservoir-management strategy
  • Make more informed decisions with a complete understanding of reservoir uncertainties and risk
  • Choose the proper detail for each process phase with customizable workflows and a choice of dynamic-analysis methods