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Tempest ENABLE
As the front end to reservoir simulators, Tempest™ ENABLE is designed to optimize reservoir understanding through thorough uncertainty analysis, history matching and performance prediction.
 It goes far beyond manual simulations, concurrently evaluating a range of production and observed data and tolerances and intelligently driving the simulator through hundreds of realizations. Working in tandem with the reservoir simulator, Tempest ENABLE can be employed to manage and aid the engineering process, at any stage of a field’s life, with or without historical data. It allows engineers to quickly gain statistically valid information about the reservoir and use it to make better forecasts.
Tempest ENABLE


Operating System
Supports Windows and Linux – contact us for specific information


  • Rely on a solution first commercialized in 2001 and now used worldwide by numerous major and independent oil companies
  • Make sound reservoir-performance predictions with a proven mathematical approach that quantifies reservoir uncertainty
  • Greatly accelerate the history-matching (users report a time improvement up to a factor of 4 on achieving a history match)
  • Integrate Tempest… ENABLE in your Big Loop… workflow to link the geomodeling workflow and the reservoir simulation
  • Benefit from increased control over the history-matching process and more reliable results to better focus on forecasting
  • Flexibly use Tempest …ENABLE with commercial simulators like Tempest… MORE, ECLIPSE*, Nexus/VIP*, IMEX/GEM/STARS* (*Mark of Schlumberger, Landmark and CMG.)