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An easy-to-use liquids scheduling system that addresses the challenges of moving vast amounts of crude oil and refined products through the world’s pipelines.
PipelineScheduler provides a central data repository to standardize information management for accounting and marketing groups, operations, engineering, and management. It organizes and consolidates crucial information to support daily commercial and operational decisions. A mission critical solution for your enterprise.


  • Rapidly evaluate the stability of nominated volumes
  • Ensure transport schedules are met with the ability to evaluate scheduling changes in a timely manner
  • Make effective use of the pipeline asset with accurate batch launch and arrival times
  • Support more customers with automation capabilities for quick and easy scheduling and delivery
  • Reduce costs by minimizing product transmix, limiting the degradation of product quality
  • Rapidly identify and remove bottlenecks/constraints using a visual representation of the entire pipeline network over time
  • Accurately predict blended product qualities in tankage as well as avoiding potential high or low violations