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Paine™ 215-01-120 Series, Direct Media, Temperature Sensor
The Paine 215-01-120 Series, Direct Media, Temperature Sensor is a critical temperature measurement solution for high pressure fluids in machinery, engines and process equipment.
With rapid response times, this platinum resistance temperature detector (RTD) offers optimal accuracy, repeatability and stability in temperatures up to 500 °F (250 °C), providing long-lasting resilience. These sensors are well-suited for critical direct flow and in-flow temperature measurements of liquids and gases.
Paine™ 215-01-120 Series, Direct Media, Temperature Sensor


Temperature Range
-25 to 500 °F (-31 to 260 °C)
1 year
Materials of Construction
Inconel 718, UNSN07718, solution annealed and aged to Rockwell C40 maximum
Pressure Port/Fitting
1/2–20 UNF 2A; alternate options can be provided


  • Provides direct measurement of high pressure fluids with accuracy and stability for long-term, optimal performance
  • Corrosion-resistant, platinum RTD designed for high temperatures up to 500 °F (250 °C) to withstand harsh environments
  • Offered in 0.732-in. maximum diameter package for a very small form factor
  • Rapid response times produce precise measurement data for improved efficiency
  • Customizable sensor options available for fit-for-use designs