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PolyOil Poly-WearJoint Cased Wear Joint
The PolyOil Poly-WearJoint™ is a safe, efficient and cost-effective riser deflector system that ensures that rig diversions systems conform around the umbilical or auxiliary lines on the outside of the landing string and prevents the dangers of expanding pockets of gas kicks.
The WearJoint™ is an interlocking modular stacking system that resists pressures and increases safety on drilling rigs during completion and workover operations.
PolyOil Poly-WearJoint Cased Wear Joint


Completion Running; Workovers, DST, Deepwater


  • Lightweight, modular stacking system allows rapid deployment and ease of handling.
  • Reduced costs through slicker deployment.
  • Flow diversion in the event of kick .
  • Umbilical protection.
  • High impact, wear resistant materials; less friction than any metal.
  • Variants of standard designs or completely new or special application designs completed within very short lead times.
  • Easily milled.
  • Easy toggle and swing bolt closure.