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Rosemount™ TGU 53 Tank Radar Gauge for LNG
Your profitability & reputation as an LNG operator demands buyer-seller agreement accuracy.
The Rosemount TGU 53 Tank Radar Gauge is built for the task. The radar transmission is guided through a full length still pipe measuring the surface of the product and the patented array attenuator ensures accurate readings from the very bottom of the tank. Using the accurate and reliable TGU 53 you can perform your cargo transfer with complete trust. With dual channel technology primary and secondary level measurements are enabled with only one Tank Gauge Radar and one single still pipe installation. Single tank penetration makes for affordable new and retrofit installation.
Rosemount™ TGU 53 Tank Radar Gauge for LNG


Reference Accuracy
± 3mm
33 kg
Enclosure Rating
Explosion Protection
Ex ia IIC T4 Ga


  • Compact design means no extra tank penetration or in-tank installations required - ideal for retrofits
  • Primary and secondary systems are verified in the same measurement
  • Engineered for harsh marine environments
  • Both systems share data so back-up can be achieved on sensor level
  • All functions require a single connection box per tank with two cable inlets
  • Level, pressure and temperature connections for both systems in one enclosure per tank
  • Each system has its own backup and service display in the Supply and Communication Unit cabinet
  • Safe operating redundancy with dual radar channel technology
  • 5th generation of proven, industry-leading marine radar performance