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Rosemount™ 3500P/3500VP PERpH-X™ pH/ORP Sensors
rosemount 3500p and 3500vp sensor
Rosemount 3500P/3500VP PERpH-X™ pH / ORP sensors incorporate several design innovations that prolong the life of the sensor in difficult applications.
The sensors feature a rebuildable double junction reference cell that allows for wide application flexibility by using different reference electrolyte solutions.The resulting sensors live longer, respond faster and drift less thereby minimizing maintenance and lowering the total cost of ownership.
Rosemount™ 3500P/3500VP PERpH-X™ pH/ORP Sensors


±5% of reading or ±3 ppb (whichever is greater) at 25°C
1 lb/2 lb (0.5 kg/0.1 kg)
Materials of Construction
Wetted Parts: Polysulfone, Viton1, Teflon2
Titanium, Ryton, Teflon® glass, & user specified o-ring material
3500P/3500VP 1 inch MNPT, Front & Rear facing Threads


  • Rebuildable design allows sensor use in applications of elevated temperatures, fouling, coating and poisoning
  • Fast, accurate, and stable measurement
  • SMART enabled for pH measurements