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Rosemount™ CT5400 Continuous Gas Analyzer
Emerson's Rosemount CT5400 Continuous Gas Analyzer is a hybrid, lased-based analyzer designed for gas processing and emission monitoring applications.
Combining Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) and Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) technologies, the Rosemount CT5400 expands gas analysis to both the near and mid-infrared range, covering many gas species using a unique intra-pulse spectroscopic method. This technique enables real-time detection of up to ten different gases simultaneously in a single instrument, reducing cost of ownership, footprint and operational complexity while providing fast response time and sub-parts per million gas analysis.

Get Continuous, Fast and Precise Process Gas Analytics Using Rosemount Hybrid QCL/TDL Laser Gas Analyzers

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Rosemount™ CT5400 Continuous Gas Analyzer


Power Supply
110 VAC 60 Hz/240 VAC 50 Hz
482.6 mm x 672.4 mm x 221.5 mm (19 in. x 26.47 in. x 8.72 in.)
31 kg (68.34 lbs)
Sample Gas Temperature
+20 to 190 °C (68 to 374 °F) factory set
Humidity Range
Maximum 95 % RH
Safe Area / General Purpose
Communication Protocol
Communication interface Modbus over TCP, RTU [option], 10/100 Base T Ethernet, Fiber [option]
Input Signal
Analog signal in 4–20 mA signal input (option)
Output Signal
  • Analog signal out 4–20 mA (1 per measurement) (maximum 12)
  • Digital signal out Modbus over TCP/IP
  • Ports
  • Inlet gas port connector 6 mm or ¼ inch Swagelok type (specify on order)
  • Outlet gas port connector 6 mm or ¼ inch Swagelok type (specify on order)
  • Features

    • Real-time detection of up to ten gases simultaneously
    • Accurate and sensitive gas measurements
    • Enhanced dynamic ranges from sub-ppm to percent levels
    • Excellent linearity of response and repeatability
    • Low, long-term drift minimizes calibration intervals
    • Low maintenance and low lifetime costs
    • Continuous health diagnostic reporting
    • Embedded ARM processor for fully autonomous operation
    • Intuitive, simple front panel user interface allows access to all instrument functions
    • Interchangeable modular configuration for up to six lasers