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Rosemount™ CT4215 Packaging Leak Detection System
The Rosemount CT4215 is an inline system that accurately tests 100% of food and beverage product packages going through the production lines to ensure seal integrity.
This system measures up to 200 packs per minute, detects trace gases from defective packs, and instantly rejects them without disrupting production. Engineered with patented Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) technology and designed with a small footprint, it is easy to install and configure, and offers lifetime low maintenance costs.

Leak Detection of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Using Rosemount CT4215

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The Rosemount CT4215 Leak Detection System

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Rosemount™ CT4215 Packaging Leak Detection System


<0.3 mm diameter
Unit Dimensions: 28 x 29 x 73 in. (703 x 732 x 1852 mm)
Unit Weight: 285 lb (129 kg)
Laser Classification
Class I
Detected Gas
CO2, N2O, CO, C2H6O
Temperature Range
23 to 86 °F (-5 to 30 °C)
Humidity Range
< 95%
Power Supply
120 Vac 60 Hz / 240 Vac 50 Hz
Air Supply
Compressed Air Supply: 25 L/min, 8-10 bar, (115 to 145 PSI)
Package Types
Trays, pouches, bags, kegs, cans for meat, dairy, vegetables, bread, pasta, and beverages


  • 100% of all products on the production line are tested in real time to assure seal integrity
  • Measures up to 200 packs per minute for fast performance
  • Fully-automated, high-speed detection and rejection of defective products without line interference reduces downtime
  • Inline system is designed with a small product footprint to easily integrate into operations
  • Easy-to-install or retrofit onto any production line for minimized downtime and disruption
  • Patented QCL technology detects leaks at a sensitivity of <0.3 mm for reliable accuracy
  • User-friendly software features full data logging capability that monitors production data at-a-glance
  • Flexible modular design can be upgraded with additional lasers or sample heads for increased system capabilities
  • System alarms quickly identify leaking packages and resolve issues to reduce wasted packaging
  • System engineered to ensure lifetime low maintenance costs for a cost-efficient solution