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Inline Blenders
In-line blending is a method when blend components are proportionally and simultaneously introduced into a discharge header equipped with an in-line mixer.
In-line blending produces an on-spec, homogenous product instantaneously. Our in-line blenders can blend both small, complex batches and large volume blends in a single system.
Inline Blenders


Small Volume Blends with Dosing to Large Volume Blends in Lubricant Blending/Manufacturing, Specialty Chemical Blending, Chemicals and Additives Blending, Refinery Fuel Blending, Terminal Fuel Blending, Refinery Crude Blending, Gasoline Blending, Diesel
1,000-250,000+ US gallons or 4-900+ Mtons
Dosing Accuracy
± 0.05%
Dosing Technology
Micro Motion Coriolis Meters
Carbon Steel
Scope of Work
Process Engineering/Design, Performance Guarantee, Equipment Supply Procurement, Project Management, Fabrication, Testing, Startup/Commissioning, Training, Lifecycle Services and Support
Scope of Supply
Turnkey systems with performance guarantees, flow meters, piping, valves, headers, instrumentation, mixers, pumps, wiring, and control system
Bulk Liquids such as Base Oils, Lubricants, Gasoline, Fuels, Diesel, Crude Oil, Chemical Additives, Bunker Oil, Solvents, Chemicals, etc.


  • Optimize operation by blending small batch blends with additive dosing and large volume, continuous blends, all in a single unit
  • Maintain high accuracy dosing for a wide range of batch sizes via Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters
  • Achieve on-spec, finished product from blend header and eliminate the need for mixing tanks during instantaneous blending
  • Produce instantaneous finished product via the static mixer in the blend header combined with ratio control
  • Save installation costs and time with systems equipped with Rosemount Wireless technology
  • Realize on-spec blending with real-time adjustments by the control system to correct errors in blend ratios or formula changes
  • Accommodate pre-mixes or PPM additives for non-bulk additive dosing into a blend system