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Batch Blending Vessels
Emerson Batch Blending Vessel
Batch Blending Vessels are equipped with a blend kettle historically mounted on a load cell, Clean-in-Place technologies, and integrated controls to automate batch blending.
Emerson's solution can offer this configuration, as well as an alternative to load cells. By replacing load cells with Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters, you will improve cycle time, throughput, and accuracy in dosing.
Batch Blending Vessels


Small Volume Batches in Lubricant Blending/Manufacturing, Specialty Chemical Blending, Chemicals and Additives Blending
Up to 250-6,000 US gallons or 1-20 Mtons
Dosing Accuracy
Typically, at least ± 1 Kg
Dosing Technology
Load Cells or Micro Motion Coriolis Meters
Stainless Steel
Scope of Work
Process Engineering/Design, Performance Guarantee, Equipment Supply Procurement, Project Management, Fabrication, Testing, Startup/Commissioning, Training, Lifecycle Services and Support
Scope of Supply
Turnkey systems with a performance guarantee, load cells, flow meters, kettles, piping, heat coils, valves, agitators, instrumentation, pumps, wiring, rinsing systems, and control system.
Liquids such as Base Oils, Chemical Additives, Chemicals, Lubricants, etc.


  • Reduce downtime and eliminate manual errors through automation of dosing, mixing, heating, discharge, and rinsing
  • Automate rinsing of vessels, reduce contamination, and reduce downtime between batches with Clean-In-Place Technologies
  • Save space and infrastructure costs with compact, turnkey batch blending vessels
  • Increase flexibility with systems designed to meet additional process requirements like heating/cooling and mixing time
  • Blend faster and at higher accuracies with Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters
  • Leverage integrated controls to store recipes and perform functions such as inventory, lab data handling, and scheduling
  • Achieve efficient heating for varying batch volumes with reliable dual-zone heating design