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Fisher™ V500 Eccentric Plug Valve
The Fisher V500 rotary control valve combines globe valve ruggedness with the efficiency of a rotary valve.
It is designed to control erosive, coking, and other hard-to-handle fluids, providing either throttling or on/off operation.
Fisher™ V500 Eccentric Plug Valve


SIL capable, ATEX, CUTR, PED, CRN, Fugitive Emission, NACE
Critical Service
Noise Abatement, Cavitation, Dirty Service, Erosive, Low Flow, General Service
Flow Characteristics
Carbon Steel, Stainless, Duplex, Alloy
Operating Temperature
Standard Temperature
Pressure Class
Process Connection Type
Shutoff Class
Class IV (FCI 70-2)
Valve Size
NPS 1, NPS 1-1/2, NPS 2, NPS 3, NPS 4, NPS 6, NPS 8
Valve Size Standard
Other Configurations
Contact your local Emerson business partner or sales office to learn about additional specifications or options for this product.


  • Self-centering seat ring and rugged plug allow forward or reverse flow with tight shutoff in either flow direction.
  • Integral valve body flanges mate with many different classes of pipeline flanges, satisfying a variety of piping requirements.
  • Streamlined flow passages, rugged components, and a wide choice of erosion-resistant trim materials all promote long, dependable service life in erosive applications.
  • Path of eccentric plug minimizes contact with seat ring when opening, reducing seat wear and friction.
  • Specially selected trim materials and body coatings help to withstand oil sands, furnace feed, and other highly erosive applications.
  • Durable, solid metal or VTC seat ring and valve plug shutoff tightly without deforming plug arms or employing thin ball seals.
  • No special orientation, precision clamping or repetitive centering of valve plug and seat ring is required when tightening the retainer, promoting accurate alignment and easy assembly.