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The BioNet SUB System is a turnkey product to replace the long lead time stainless steel bioreactor vessels used previously.

The combination of BioNet and HyClone products results in a flexible, rapid, and powerful option to quickly update or increase your bioreactor capacity.

The System consists of a reusable stainless steel outer support container and HyClone S.U.B. BioProcess Container (BPC) which integrate with the BioNet/DeltaV Bioreactor Control System.


  • A Single Use Alternative To Conventional Stirred Tank Bioreactors
  • Animal Derived Component Free (ADCF) Film
  • Sizes 50 liters Through 2,000 liters
  • Pre-Sterilized Bag, No Cleaning Or Sterilization Needed
  • Powerful & Flexible DeltaV Based BioNet Control System
  • All Bag Contact Parts Are Single-Use, Class VI Tested And Arrive Ready For Use
  • Simplifies Validation Processes
  • 25 Through 2000 liter Working Volumes
  • Scalable Technology To Support Increasing Volume Demands
  • Minimizes Investment
  • Maximizes Return