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The new Modular BioNet system was designed to completely clear the bench-top of control components allowing all control equipment to be mounted underneath or above the bench-top on a shelf.
This space saving design frees up the entire benchtop to be used for more vessels or analytical instruments and significantly reduces the traditional wiring clutter associated with multi vessel installations.


  • Traditional Benchtop Workstations
  • Locally Mounted Touch Screens
  • Secure Wireless PC Tablets
  • Designed for Cell Culture Or Microbial Applications
  • Built-In Continuous Historian To Securely Archive All Process Data
  • Various Control Strategies For Fed-Batch And Perfusion Applications
  • Sensor Calibration And Sensor Diagnostics Data Stored For Better Experimental Management
  • User Definable Substrate Feed Control Strategies Based Upon On-Line BGA Measurements