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Cornerstone Controls Announces Partnership with dataPARC

June 13, 2023
CINCINNATI, OH, June 1 – Cornerstone Controls, an automation, reliability, and digital solutions company with an 80-year history, today announced a strategic partnership with dataPARC, a leading provider of industrial process data analytics software. This collaboration is designed to enhance Cornerstone’s system integration solutions by effectively merging Cornerstone's expertise in automation and reliability with dataPARC's time series data historian and data analysis & visualization tools.

“The industries we serve are expanding their digital capabilities to improve their productivity, safety, reliability, and monitor energy consumption,” explains Cornerstone’s President, Jenny Davis. “Many of our customers use the dataPARC platform to make operational decisions. We view this as a strategic relationship critical to serving our customers and helping them drive their business outcomes.”

This strategic partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both Cornerstone Controls and dataPARC, providing comprehensive and efficient solutions to their clients. John Gamble, Director of Engineering Services at Cornerstone, says the partnership is designed to better meet the needs of their shared customer base.

“Our customers rely heavily on consulting, systems integration, visualization solutions, and interoperability services to support their digital initiatives. With many of our customers using the dataPARC software, we saw an opportunity to help them connect their device management and vibration software to the dataPARC platform,” says Gamble.

The partnership goes beyond simply providing a software solution. It's about offering the necessary expertise and support to ensure the successful implementation and use of these tools.

“It takes a few things to make a customer successful with a new software product,” says Kevin Jones, Director of Sales & Marketing at dataPARC. “You need great software, but you also need people to make the project successful. Cornerstone Controls is a recognized expert in several industry verticals and this partnership helps those customers leverage that expertise to achieve long-term success. Plus, Cornerstone has a strong regional presence, which provides dataPARC customers a local system integrator with deep expertise in using data to drive operations and reliability improvement.”

About Cornerstone
Cornerstone Controls is an automation, reliability, and digital solutions company with an 80-year history. Cornerstone’s Data Management team comprises accredited software engineers and data scientists with thirty (30) years of experience. With a team of 100+ engineers, Cornerstone serves over 3,000 customers spanning multiple industrial process verticals, including Life Sciences/Pharma, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Metals & Mining, Food & Beverage, and Consumer Packaged Goods. To learn how Cornerstone Controls’ Digital and Data Solutions Team helps customers maximize their data investments, visit or contact Jamie Flerlage, Director, Reliability and Data Management, at [email protected].

About dataPARC
Founded in 1997, dataPARC is a leading provider of industrial analytics and data visualization tools for process optimization and decision support. With a focus on serving the process industry, dataPARC offers historian and real-time analytics software for vertical markets such as oil & gas, pulp & paper, mining & minerals, food, chemicals & refining, and power & utilities around the globe.