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DeltaV Version 14 Released

October 10, 2019

DeltaV Version 14 is going live in August! DeltaV is incorporating a new and improved graphics engine built from the ground up by Emerson. Graphics conversion prior or during the next upgrade is not a concern as DeltaV operate is not leaving us for some time. READ MORE (Link to DVLive PDS)

DeltaV MobileThe Operations at Your Fingertips ‐ Virtually Anywhere! DeltaV Mobile enables you to view real-time process values, trends, alarms, historians, KPIs and other key data from your mobile device. READ MORE (Link to DVMobile PDS)

DeltaV PK ControllerThe new controller brings faster logic execution, built-in native Ethernet device protocols, and many scalable sizes, enabling it to address a wide variety of applications. From small-scale applications like skid-units, to your large-scale traditional control operations, the multi-purpose, multi-functional controller can handle your toughest demands no matter the size or stage of your operation. READ MORE (Link to PK PDS)