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PlantWeb Optics Analytics - Process Optimization

Shortens decision-making process by eliminating need for gathering data from control systems, databases, plant applications and operation procedures

Reach operational excellence by

  • Detecting abnormal events
  • Delivering knowledge to operations
  • Managing performance deviations
  • Increasing visibility across the enterprise

Improving execution of operation procedures by

  • Detecting problem's root cause using intuitive fault propagation models
  • Define and execute workflows
  • Execute graphically defined rules


  • Machine learning - Neural networks, decision trees, linear classifiers
  • Optimization - Finding the best available values of an objective function, given a set of constraints
  • Workflow - Build and automate sequential process made of data analytics, learning, clustering, and modelling
  • Graphical Environment - Microsoft look and feel, no scripting or programming
  • Modelling - Perform descriptive and predictive models based on actual data
  • Pattern Recognition - Discovering recurrent sequences in alarms and events database
  • Exploration - Tools to clean, sample, smooth and correlate
  • Time Series - Behavior analysis
  • Visualization - Present data in charts or plots
  • Sensor Validation - Identify faulty sensors and validate values
  • KPI Dynamic Targeting - Set dynamic targets that consider process behavior
  • Asset Performance Modelling - Model the performance of an asset as a function of key process inputs
  • Alarm Analytics - Correlate alarm data and process data for better troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Batch Analytics - Key insights into process variability issues
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  • Simple and intuitive - Drag and drop single interface
  • Single Solution - Build complex rules, predictive models, fault propagation and workflow
  • Automated creation of root cause analysis models
  • Platform independent
  • Robust data analytic tools not requiring domain expertise
  • Ability to combine models and business logic to detect unknown conditions in real time
  • PlantWeb Optics consumes both sensor and process variables
  • PlantWeb Optics offers third-party software integration out-of-the-box